Kentucky Eft Authorization Agreement

Brief summary: This form is used to request NSC services, including phone installation, functions, moving or disconnection from the connection; Authorisation code requirements mobile phone, pager, CATV and online services; A pre-calculation requirement parts and inventory issues Requests for contracts Exchange account requirements iPass account requests. Brief summary: Full form with original documents and appendix to the PRD for the reimbursement of non-travel staff, as described in BPM E-3-2-2. Short summary: Use this form to challenge a park quote or seizure. The form must be filed within ten days of receipt or brief entry summary: To document items declared stolen from the capital equipment inventory Contacts: Gus Miller,, 257-3422 Contact: Terri Blom Crocker Office of The Jurist 859-257-5485 . . In short: The form is used by departments to change workplaces for employees working outside Fayette County or for employees in other states. . Brief summary: This form is used to justify the purchase of one hand for general purchases of equipment for university and health campuses. The Commonwealth of Kentucky Model Procurement Law requires competitive bids to be sought for purchases of $40,000 or more; The threshold is lower for purchases subject to uniform federal government guidelines. Derogations from this law must be justified in writing and approved by the appropriate purchasing agent. In short summary: form intended to be used by employees to designate monthly employees for basic value recognition (Sense of Urgency, Teamwork, Accountability, Innovation and Respect).

Short summary: Use this form to indicate the correct in-kind account if you are waiting for a payment in the form of an ACH or EFT. The completed form is sent to Treasury Services and compared to the credit reserved for the bank. Brief summary: Use this form after receiving cash and depositing it on more than ten accounts. The completed form comes with the funds to be paid to the Bank at Treasury Services. Brief summary: This form is used to obtain documentary evidence of a supplier`s performance for resolute action, evaluations and future decisions. Contact: Kevin Jones PPDMC Office: (859) 257-3421 Email: Summary: The form must be completed in all cases of requests for space off campus or modifications and complements of the existing space. In short: Complete form “Independent Contractor” after the following steps, explained in BPM E-7-3 Worker Classification Employee of Independent Contractor. . Brief summary: This form is used by students as well as staff to apply for a temporary or permanent parking permit.

. Contact: Salary, email address: Brief summary: When an employee requests appropriate accommodation for the ADA, medical documents are often requested. In order for a staff member to be considered in the ADA, they must have a disability condition that affects more important life activities. The medical examination form contains this information as well as the accommodations offered. This form is filled out by the staff supplier who treats the employee for the condition. Brief Summary: Internal Hospital Use Form Only (NOT CAMPUS) Summary: This form is used by bike owners who make a voluntary donation of their bike to the University of Kentucky Contact: Office of Legal Counsel Terri Blom Crocker 859-797-8620 Brief summary: Use this form to authorize the student to pay a student from a department account. Can be used for teaching, housing, books, scholarships, etc. Contact: Contact Name: Janice Dyche Contact Deparment: Food Services Phone Number: 323-5151 Email Address: .