Native Title Agreements Wa

Western Bundjalung People: The Federal Court of Justice has ruled that the peoples of the Western Bundjalung have non-exclusive local title rights over the territories of the upper north coast of New South Wales (NSW). Badimia Appeal: the appeal in which the Federal Court of Justice may decide that there is no national title in an area, especially if the power of negative finding is limited to non-application applications. This decision of the Federal Court of Justice confirmed that the Court of Justice has the power to introduce a negative provision of native title for all types of applications (applicants or not). The decision took into account the provisions, utility mechanisms of the NTA and previous jurisprudence in reaching this conclusion. The judgment confirms the decision taken at trial and confirms that there is no national title. Timber Creek Compensation Case: This decision is the first to publicly consider the amount of compensation for loss or infringement of local rights and interests. Mansfield J.A. found that compensation for the removal of non-exclusive national titles and interests was: Fourmile Decision: The decision of the Federal Court of Justice (Burchett, Drummond and Cooper JJ) stems from a non-claim in Queensland and found that the public road is totally incompatible with the continuation of Native Title (Native Ttitle is lost). The decision also established that the declaration of a public road was to wipe out native title in the vast majority of cases. Eastern Guruma: The determination that was taken by the approval recognizes that the Native Title is held by the eastern people of Guruma. The non-exclusive property is recognized by three pastoral leases, Coolawanya, Hamersley and Rocklea, two reserves and numerous mining leases. Kiwirrkurra: On October 19, 2001, the fourth provision of the native title was made in the VA.

The rights and interests of the Kiwirrkurra in the Gibson Desert have been recognized. Congoo on behalf of Car-Barrum People v Queensland: Bar bar-bar have been local title contenders who, as agreed, at least the non-exclusive possession of native titles in some countries west of Cairns, Queensland. However, in the 1940s, part of the country was closed by the Commonwealth for use as a military camp and then used for that purpose.