Notice To Purchaser Agreement Bear Spray

Her first and best defense against a bear attack is prevention: good food hygiene in the camp, making consciousness and making noise while she is on the way, all that gives a chance to control clearly. But close encounters can happen despite all the precautions. In those days, you will enjoy having an active, non-lethal deterrent. This spray causes a temporary tear in the eyes and a lack of shortness of breath, but does not leave permanent damage. In 24 hours, Saskatoon had three different incidents with a bear spray. The best defense against bear attack is avoidance. Stay alert in the bear`s living spaces. Travel in groups during the day on well-established paths. Watch out for signs such as drops and excavations. Leave the area immediately if fresh signs are observed. Get familiar with the right avoidance techniques. Transport Canada considers bear spray cans to be Class 2 dangerous goods. Air passengers are prohibited from carrying bear sprays in abandoned luggage and carry-on baggage.

Under the Pest Controls Products Act, bear spray is only available in Canada by licensed suppliers and consumers must sign the notification to the Buyer`s Agreement, which specifies legal use and the warning of liability prior to the conclusion of the purchase. When it is established that a person is in possession of a bear spray, he or she is subject to criminal charges such as possession of a weapon dangerous to the public peace, carrying a concealed weapon and attacking a weapon when used on another person. Huisman said that most sporting goods stores in the province carry bear sprays, and there are legalities behind the purchase of the weapon, as classified under the Canadian Criminal Code. If eye contact is made with a bear, maintain a distance of at least 100 metres. Do not try to approach or feed a bear. Canadian Heritage Parks Canada advises that while bear spray can be an effective deterrent against an attack bear, it is not foolproof and should only be used as a last resort. Variables such as wind, spraying, rain and longevity can reduce the effectiveness of repellent. Outdoor enthusiasts are encouraged to wear bear sprays at all times when traveling in familiar bear habitats.

Although no guaranteed defense against bear attack, bear spray, combined with a good knowledge of the outdoors and environmental awareness, will increase your chances of survival during an encounter. The agreement describes the legal use of bear spray and contains a warning of liability. Buyers actually sign a waiver assuming all the risks associated with receiving the bears. It is illegal to sell bear sprays to people under the age of 18 or to people who are not willing to sign the purchase agreement. “Our offices are seeing that bear sprays are becoming more common on the street,” Huisman said. “We find that many people are in possession of bear spray. It has become quite commonplace in the last three or four years.┬áIt all started on Monday at 12:30 p.m.m. when a house at 1000 blocks west 23rd Street was bombed twice and the suspects sprayed the substance through a bullet hole in the house.