Online Appointment Agreement Of The Berlin Foreigners Registration Office

Hello, Himanshu, I`m sorry I was unable to answer right away, I have a newborn. It`s hard in Keplerstr. You can try , … They send you sometimes, it just depends on the job of the office, if they can house you. In Berlin, it`s a nightmare right now. But I guess your situation is now settled. How did you get along? You went up without an appointment and you were seen? Please leave a comment so others know how it went. This Facebook group tells you when you should be queuing up to get an appointment. As a general rule, you must arrive between 4 and 6 hours to get an appointment. It is possible that all slots are complete. This does not mean that there is a technical defect.

It`s an accumulation of what I`ve read online, conversations with other expats, and an account of my own experience. The situation for all is different! Consult an immigration lawyer for your particular case if necessary. cooling for a few weeks when the alarm sounded one afternoon. I left the appointment page open in a tab and continued to work in other tabs and I threw myself on open appointments when I could. Do you know or one of your interlocutors the current waiting times to get a number for a passable appointment in the Keplerstrasse? I plan to leave this week to apply for a walk-in credit card (a difficult task, but I hope I`ll be lucky). Four o`clock in the morning is the time it takes me to wait in line? Thank you! You can make an appointment online at the Foreigners` Office in Berlin. The high demand for appointments, especially at the beginning of the semester, can lead to the closure of the online planning system. If this is the case, please contact the Immigration Office personally during business hours. Warning: you must arrive early and be ready for very long waiting times! For some residence permits and services, it is not possible to book an appointment. However, we can also offer services that are not offered in the online appointment booking system.

Dear guest, thank you for your article. I have a permanent residence permit, but I have to be transferred to my new passport number.