Pathfinder Kingmaker Trade Agreement With Galt

To resolve situations with two advisers on the basis of the orientation of the Kingdom: On the axis of the Good Evil: 3 to resolve situations with the regent for a kingdom with a good orientation; Some of the “side effects” or negative effects that may occur from such an agreement (either listed above or your own design) can replace a negative event you`ve driven – if you want to do something else. At some point, you may not want to do another event for food shortage….. BMI, Varnhold developed some mines, and my pc kingdom was very agricultural (they exploited all the hex they could), so the trade agreement with Varnhold was for Varnhold metals for Chymal cereals (their kingdom). Edit: They also had some kind of mutual agreement on the defence of borders, where they agreed to protect each other`s borders from difficulties. Qadiran slaver, it is not a chimera. Looking for people who may be ex-bandits or disbelievers in the realm of pcs. He`ll pay Handomly. I try to find, with offers and negotiation agreements, some situations of foreign dignitaries and organizations that come to the PCs. I want to produce them in different ways, from trade agreements and military pacts with other nations to situations that constitute a dilemma, such as a political figure of another nation stalked by its enemies seeking asylum, or various ecclesiastical organizations that offer “gifts” to the kingdom, in exchange for their influence to grow in their kingdom, be it a neutral deity or a diabolical one. Varisian caravans (w/ harrower) – they want to create a warehouse to offer services. Do you want the freedom to do their job – but offer some degree of kickback in the economy. Could create problems with valuables, but these are transferred by citizens of the realm of personal computers….

These entourages bring all the gifts to the festival, in most cases, which is equivalent to BP, but I`m not sure what to do without being considered too much or too little. I try to come up with other forms, what these gifts may be, which is not BP, but I have not yet tried to innovate it. I like your exotic merchant idea. Maybe I have to steal something from me. -10% on the cost of buildings with a static community bonus. Trade in dagger signs: Community -2, Loyalty -5, stability -3, allows trade agreements with the dagger. So what I`m getting out of all this is a way to make trade deals with other civilizations around the pc. A bonus on one of the statistics of your choice, and the DM can then generate a good description of what these “negotiated resources” offer the bonus. In addition, the bonus could be higher depending on the size of each community. The dwarves only have one hex (at this point) and so can`t offer much – but let`s say later they want to expand to another hex hill – I see this as a way to increase the commercial bonus to 3, etc.