What Does Fixerpunk Mean?


1. A means of using the tools of the elites of society to advocate for and solve the problems of normal people and especially the marginalized.

2. A project to improve the performance and success of both individuals and society by illuminating and solving systemic problems at the root of individuals’ struggles, instead of hiding them and blaming the victims, and simultaneously solving both systemic and personal problems in a manner that respects the native knowledge and autonomy of those affected.

3. Applying the ideas of alternative creative cultures to create unique solutions to political, social, and economic challenges.


So, what is this podcast about?

It’s about the political and social problems that affect your real life and other real lives in different places across the country. We make the “personal” political, because it is.  It’s about a different kind of self-help that involves creating solutions in your own life and experience that deal with the manifestations of larger social problems, instead of ignoring them, which is why patronizing systems and ivory tower self-help fail those in the most need. It’s about rising above the mindless tabloid chatter about gaffes, talking about abstractified things instead of like there are people involved, and believing that attacking each other somehow does something other than what we already have seen done (which isn’t good). It’s about unique and creative cultures that have created their own ways of solving problems that seem insurmountable and normally get distorted into oblivion. And it’s about having fun while solving problems, which makes it easier to solve them, instead of making fun of problems.

What you can expect:

  • In-depth explanations of the processes beneath the surface that create the political and social problems that pervade our existence.
  • A new leftist, progressive model of self-help
  • Analysis of contemporary issues with a focus on solving problems that affect real people.
  • Unique Tactics that people can start to implement right after listening to improve their own situations against the tide of politics and culture and help change society. These are solutions to the problems that the media makes out to be unsolvable or unsolvable without overcoming circumstances that are insurmountable (thus amounting to the same).
  • Cool Interviews with thought leaders, influencers, artists, and athletes who share their experiences and ideas and who take positive action. There is a focus on people from alternative cultures proving a different path is possible.
  • Video features and Vlogs periodically on a variety of topics, including a peek at Greyson’s own life and some (possible) lessons on how he faces political and social challenges.
  • Taking your questions about almost anything that’s fit to air.
  • Case studies of issues in people’s lives and how they can be solved.

Why This Show:

Every other political show entertains you by showing how wrong the other side is and vindicating one side. The remainder work through dull policy issues in a manner that may or may not be equally dull. Shows that look at policy in real life often times only focus on fixing the policy at upper levels and leave much to be desired vis a vis implementable solutions where political will is in short supply. There has to be a better way, and that is what we search for here. If we look at the creativity around us in our society, in the underground, in the natural, right in front of us, why shouldn’t we take some of that energy and use it to better our society and political discourse?

The status quo of political media, including and especially that which is pervasive on social media, isn’t doing us any favors that we should be beholden to it for. People now are more likely to share untruthful stories on Twitter than true ones. The negative news we see that offers us no real solutions even dampers our thinking at work, leaving us less able to engage and create when we need to.

About The Host, Greyson Peltier:

Greyson Peltier is a progressive political and advocacy communications consultant with a background coming from the right wing, including previously serving as a board member of Tea Party Youth, a political science graduate from the University of Southern California, and has experience with on-air political commentary since the age of 12. He started to change how he looked at politics when working through a confluence of subculture, the real lives of himself and those around him, theory, and practice. He sees that the best solution to complex political problems is working through them at the levels where they start and moving ideas upward, along with taking smart-sized actions to calibrate our systematic methodologies of addressing problems at a political level.

He has appeared on national and local radio, including The Sports Lodge with Roger Lodge, and was Senior Producer of USC student-run Trojan Vision television’s Platforum Domestic debate show. His professional background includes effectively co-founding a startup business, which grew to be a catering vendor for a leading TV infomercial company, with his mother before he was done with 8th grade, as well as experience in marketing, media, bookkeeping, and administrative support. He is the Founder and Lead Strategist at his own consultancy, Off Speed Solutions, offering holistic approaches to marketing, media, political communication, and business support.

Greyson Peltier

1968 S. Coast Highway #792

Laguna Beach, CA 92651