The Illusion of Control and Power Relationships

Ever feel trapped in “having to do things” that you know deep down are just not the best thing for you to do, like staying at a bad job, restricting your lifestyle, or not expressing your opinions? Believe you are not worthy to use your own power because you are in debt, of the wrong social class, or have the wrong background? You may have bought into the illusion of control, a mechanism people in power use to keep people from creating a new system and a new way out.

What is a Fixerpunk?

A Fixerpunk is a person who has a radical vision to solve problems of the people and seeks to creatively use the systems, resources, and environment around the people and their problems in ways that may or may not conform to their normal uses, conscious of the objective of universality by respecting the agency of those involved and not ignoring or belittling, but using, the reality of their circumstances.

The Assumptions in Self-Help and Welfare Politics

Wonder why a strategy is working for everyone on Instagram but you? Wonder why politicians propose things to “help you” that make no sense in your life? It may not be your fault, it may just be that the strategy was not designed for you or designed in a way that dismisses your native knowledge. Assumptions are everywhere but everybody pitching a strategy wants to hide them in plain sight.