How Capitalism Exploits Those Desperately Needing Flexible Work

I discuss the issues workers who are not able to fit into the normal 9-5 workplace environment, such as those with disabilities, stay-at-home parents, and caregivers, have long faced and the myriad of ways capitalism has taken advantage of them, from MLM scams and at-home business scams that have existed for many years, to YouTube gurus, to gig work platforms that pay severely below minimum wage, to chaotic, risky investment methods like those popularized by Wall Street Bets. Labor organizing and progressive policy change can create change for these most vulnerable workers, who are also often performing some of the most important work of our society uncompensated as caregivers or in raising children. Remote and gig workers workers absolutely should be folded into the union resurgence we have seen recently. This “invisible” population of exploited workers deserves visibility. I also explain the issues with local governments pushing for return to office to “save downtowns” and how good Federal leadership is needed to show the larger policy benefits to vulnerable populations and the environment of maintaining remote work.

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