Just Ranting and Learning from an Anxious Millennial Cowboy (pt. 1)

After screwing up an episode about the activism lessons of the “cowboy” and “punk” social archetypes (vaguely inspired by pro wrestlers Adam Page and Darby Allin) and the subtle cultural shifts in these populations, I just needed to rant for a little bit. I also speak about how Adam Page’s children’s book “Adam and The Golden Horseshoe” has helped me find new motivation to push forward even though I may not feel I’m not “good enough” to perform.

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The Mutual Aid Attitude for Self-Development and Health

Important: This show does not provide professional advice of any sort. You should consult with a qualified professional regarding your personal circumstances before deciding on any course of action.

This trending idea isn’t just for social welfare. Treating the ideas of everyone involved as equal instead of having a power dynamic between recipients and givers of help can create unexpected breakthroughs in your motivation, discipline, health, fitness, and performance. Mutual aid is solidarity, not charity. It is done with both sides together as equals, no power imbalance. Both sides contribute something unique and equally valuable. There is a power imbalance in professional help situations and the professionals often domineer (Dr. Phil for example), which creates less than ideal outcomes for those dealing with oppression or other unique circumstances. The “objective, common sense” ideas imposed by powerful gurus often make no sense in the objective circumstances of those who don’t have privilege. Further, help for personal development can be expensive and less available to people like you and I. Working with others in similar situations allows you to both provide something valuable to each other, with neither party being able to have power over the other.




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High-Performance, Productive…Socialism?


You have probably heard a million times that socialism will make everyone lazy and not move society forward in terms of innovation and delivering the things we need. However, a well-known motto of socialism directly contradicts this and in fact creates the ideal conditions for peak performance, even as compared to a more late-stage capitalistic perspective. It makes so much sense that even in your own life, you can instinctively see this truth.

Referenced in this episode: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/From_each_according_to_his_ability,_to_each_according_to_his_needs#Debates_on_the_idea