CM Punk All Out Remarks – WARNING SIGNS in Social Movement Leadership

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AEW is a social movement in the sport of pro wrestling, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and Adam Page are its main founders. CM Punk came in and changes started to happen, some of which seemed to be outside of the core values of the movement, and an old personal dispute popped up again out of nowhere in response to an attempt by Page to re-center the movement in its values. CM Punk relied on a style of business that is very conventional and old-school, that which he hated, but got into him subconsciously. Adam Page avoided this and created his own path through having the education and the confidence to develop and test new theories, which Punk sees as lacking intelligence, but is really the epitome of how new knowledge is created. Our big lesson is that social movements need leaders that can develop and champion new models, consciously choosing what expertise from the past to integrate and rejecting what doesn’t work or is simply no longer needed, and avoiding interpersonal disputes that can poison the success and mission of a movement.

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