How Capitalism Exploits Those Desperately Needing Flexible Work

I discuss the issues workers who are not able to fit into the normal 9-5 workplace environment, such as those with disabilities, stay-at-home parents, and caregivers, have long faced and the myriad of ways capitalism has taken advantage of them, from MLM scams and at-home business scams that have existed for many years, to YouTube gurus, to gig work platforms that pay severely below minimum wage, to chaotic, risky investment methods like those popularized by Wall Street Bets. Labor organizing and progressive policy change can create change for these most vulnerable workers, who are also often performing some of the most important work of our society uncompensated as caregivers or in raising children. Remote and gig workers workers absolutely should be folded into the union resurgence we have seen recently. This “invisible” population of exploited workers deserves visibility. I also explain the issues with local governments pushing for return to office to “save downtowns” and how good Federal leadership is needed to show the larger policy benefits to vulnerable populations and the environment of maintaining remote work.

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The Boss Who Requires Workers To Have Six Pack Abs and The Kayfabe of “Success Bros”

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Car sales training company boss Andy Elliott says he will fire anyone without a six pack, as reported by the New York Post, and he was rightfully called out for his ridiculous standard. But this shows a larger trend of a specific type of very lean physique, being associated with wealth and success, especially among men, and is a part of a larger trend that seeks to blame individuals for their lack of economic success. We have seen this dynamic before: with villains in professional wrestling, and specifically those who I have previously termed Heel Populists. My Heel Populism article about MJF:

These strong men with superior-looking physiques blame and shame those on the bottom who don’t look like them as being undisciplined or morally defective, with their overweight or subpar physique being evidence of the lack of discipline that they posit has caused their woes. This to deflect from the true causes of their marks’ distress, the very system of economic oppression the villain represents. Fitness can be a powerful tool to build confidence and help you become who you are supposed to be, but do not let a narrow idea of fitness and an air of superiority get in the way of solidarity and solutions. 

RIP Terry Funk and Windham Rotunda aka Bray Wyatt. “And in a world surrounded in hate, greed and violence, a world where closure may never come. We all know a place that has hot and cold hope on tap. For better or for worse.” – Windham Rotunda aka Bray Wyatt – Source:

(Sorry if my voice cracked a bit while reading the quote. I got a bit emotional.)  

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The Politics of Productivity Optimization, Dopamine Detoxing, & Habit Change: A Progressive/Leftist Critique of Huberman, Lembke etc.

Mental performance and productivity optimizing techniques, like those popularized by Dr. Andrew Huberman, and the concepts of dopamine fasting, dopamine detoxing, and dopamine “addiction,” partially popularized by Dr. Anna Lembke in her book Dopamine Nation, have taken social media by storm, but do they really work and can they be causing harm to marginalized communities by creating false ideas about serious political and social problems? Could the obsession with dopamine be tied to strict religious ideas or even eugenics? Alternative methods can be a breakthrough for mental health that can help people improve their lives and change their circumstances, but we have to know that they work, respect people’s unique life and cultural experiences, and get systemic change to work in conversation with them so the working class can benefit, and not create blame and shame.

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The Political Impact of Self-Help & Personal Growth Narratives – What Progressives and Leftists Should Know

I have long said this podcast is about Bridging The Divide Between Personal and Social Change, but I feel it is important to explain why exactly self-help and personal growth ideas matter for progressive and leftist movements. Narratives from finance to fitness to personal relationships can all subtly influence politics in ways that campaigns alone just cannot do and cannot mitigate.

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Episode Notes:


Slate Article on presidential candidates, showing off their fitness accomplishments:


Totalizing conservative media and business ecosystem with talk radio advertisers and influencers


Conservative Finance – Dave Ramsey


Growth in Conservative Fitness Influencers – Andrew Tate, More Plates More Dates, etc.


Why should progressives be involved in self help, finance, fitness, etc.? 5 reasons:

It’s Personal, Practical, Positive, Pre-political, and conservatives already have a Presence


Trump has allowed Democrats to campaign strictly on the preservation of democracy, but that won’t last forever.


A lot of people just don’t understand how political happenings relate to their own lives


But people are looking for help with problems in their lives, that they may not know have systemic influences


Mutual aid is powerful because it’s practical


My article on pro wrestling and mutual aid:


False health claims to make you not care as much about systems and play on your fear of getting sick and the financial consequences


Conservative ideology and self-reliance


Avoidance of the system instead of trying to fix it


Progressive ideas are seen negative, whining, as things for weak people, and not aspirational


TikToker claimed people who say housing is a human right are whining and need to pick themselves up by their bootstraps:


We need positivity in the progressive narrative


We need both personal changes strategies and to address systemic factors like healthcare, food deserts, and inequality


The ability to fall and get up with support is positive!


Democrats allocate all of their energy to campaign season only. They should have more efforts outside of that. Conservatives already do.


Folks like Ramsey lead you to think that all of your economic hardship situations can be fixed by just working harder


Self-reliance advice can be bad advice.


Imagine how much better your retirement would be with a union and a pension rather than working 18 hours a day to contribute to a 401k.


There is always some truth to these ideas though.


Even fitness experts, like Andy Frisella, have been getting into politics


His 75 Hard program and its issues are a whole different topic


Going from self-help, fitness, finance, etc. to politics is just like a sales funnel


Not everyone can comply with these programs, maybe 30% succeed and then are sold


Influencers will show results and then use those results to make you believe that anybody and everybody can solve all of their own problems on their own, without regard for systemic factors, and without public assistance


Countering the claim that “if only poor people did the hard things in life, they would not be poor.”


Homelessness episode:


Political opinions are often formed before you even notice them.


Presence: Conservatives talk about intellectual diversity, but they are overwhelmingly the only voice in these spaces around personal growth, so progressives should aim to have a presence too.


Focusing on environments and political systems is essential to ensuring you can reach your potential and also help others. Both are possible at the same time. Don’t let them fool you into believing they are a contradiction.


(Episode notes are always rough, may contain errors, also apologies for any audio issues.)


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My Appearance on The “Job Jumpers” Podcast

I discuss the serious societal implications of bad jobs, the unique issues young adults living at home in suburban communities face with obtaining quality employment, my own personal experience dealing with small business tyrants, my time as a conservative leader and how workplace issues helped bring me to the left, ideas to build worker solidarity, and more on the Job Jumpers Podcast with Connor Mac.

FTFP 8 – Will The Real Adult Autism Doctor Please Stand Up?

Fixing The Fixerpunk covers ideas about changing yourself and society from my own self-development process.
Insights from this episode:

– The Struggle to Find Adult Autism Doctors and Therapists

– You have to talk about systemic issues to work on personal development effectively!
– Resources matter and drive success in personal development, whether that is mental health, physical health, fitness, etc.
– When the resources needed for a specific community are not accessible, then you have a problem
– Capitalism often keeps the resources from those who most need it, when those who need it less can get it easier
– Why funders must listen to the communities their programs serve before investing in resources
– The need for truly specialized, accessible mental health care
– Why more mental health treatment, especially from the existing publicly funded systems or Medicaid providers, is NOT the answer for homelessness, and may not even help their specific mental health issues
– Publicly run and managed care systems use inexperienced mental health providers. You don’t hand someone with severe physical trauma to a physician assistant, you shouldn’t do the same with mental health.
– Binge eating with Autism, ADHD, and post-concussion syndrome
– Difficulty sticking to a diet with Autism and impulse control issues
– Progress in self-improvement and fitness takes longer for those with lower socioeconomic status and mental health issues.
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CM Punk Brings Punk Ideals to Wrestling – Guest Appearance on Pro Wrestling Musings


I got to join my colleagues at Pro Wrestling Musings for this discussion of CM Punk’s return to the ring with AEW and how his powerful speech puts punk ideas into practice, promoting an inclusive, authentically expressive community in the sport. This episode and all episodes of the Pro Wrestling Musings podcast are available on all podcast platforms. You can also periodically find my writing on social movements and change through the lens of Kayfabe at


High-Performance, Productive…Socialism?


You have probably heard a million times that socialism will make everyone lazy and not move society forward in terms of innovation and delivering the things we need. However, a well-known motto of socialism directly contradicts this and in fact creates the ideal conditions for peak performance, even as compared to a more late-stage capitalistic perspective. It makes so much sense that even in your own life, you can instinctively see this truth.

Referenced in this episode:,_to_each_according_to_his_needs#Debates_on_the_idea


The Old Intro Episode To This Podcast (Where I make fun of Dave Ramsey)

Welcome to anyone coming here from Street Fight Radio. This is the original intro episode to the podcast under its old name: “DIY Tactics, Gnarly Civics, and Reality” where I make fun of Dave Ramsey at some point. It also gives some insight on the thought processes that lead me to where I am today.


Welcome! – Intro Episode

Why Do You Give Up On Your Goals? It may be Systemic Oppression.

Another set of episode preview notes.

Higher Level Functions Prevail: We are exquisitely made by God specifically to survive. Our bodies and minds will prioritize addressing crisis and things we need to do in order to survive. All your energy is going to keeping yourself in a job and in your current apartment. You aren’t saving for a down payment on a home because your money is consumed by the current situation and your stress tolerance is exhausted. 

Oftentimes the survival instinct is subtle and does weird things. You still go to fast food and spend even though you are low-income and trying to save for a home because your survival instinct wants food and you are depleted of energy. Don’t blame yourself! 

Futility Is Apparent: Why work out to get the six pack when you won’t ultimately go on that beach vacation? 

Cognitive Dissonance: Why be positive when it’s so negative? 

The Solution: Know How To Fail and Make Systemic Moves. Programs often tell you not to fail. You need to know how to, because in your case. Accept the situation and work to change the systemic factors, don’t deny them. Use your voice when you need to. Don’t avoid suing over an injury or unionizing because you are trying to be positive. Be positive about overcoming the system in all ways!