Who will be hurt most by the recession and inflation control measures?

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I cover:

– The Real Causes of Inflation

– The best inflation solutions that help the working class

– How Republicans’ plans ultimately hurt people while supposedly reducing inflation

– What is Elasticity of Demand and why does it matter in designing effective methods to fix high prices?

– The Coming Recession: Who Benefits and Who Will Suffer?

– Which groups of workers will lose their jobs the soonest?

– Who will be most hurt by the recession and what can we do to help it?

– How to choose the politicians you want in office when the recession hits

– Diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace at risk

– The “Enhancement Talent” of the American economy

– Public benefits as an important measure to protect against the recession

– Emotional trauma from recessions

– Inflation and Recession Risk and their impact on labor organizing

– Big business using inflation and recession to stop workers from demanding what they deserve

– How unions protect workers against recessions

– How to start thinking about protecting yourself from the recession and resulting employer manipulation against workers


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