Wrestling Episode: Restoring The Feeling + Keeping The Spirit of The Elite Alive in AEW

How do we #RestoreTheFeeling in AEW? I’m discussing the state and direction of AEW as a culture and a movement, and what I believe to be a unifying theme of what’s going on right now, as it has sometimes felt like The Spirit of the Elite and the Being The Elite mode of storytelling have faded away a bit. But in reality, it still carries on, my wayward sons. This time can be viewed as a test of the resilience of the alternative AEW culture even in the absence of its primary creators, the Young Bucks, from AEW TV and I discuss how many on the AEW roster have come together to pass the test and Be Elite.

I also touch on ideas around establishing order, institutions, and talent development within AEW, and doing so in a culturally competent manner rather than repeating the ways and mistakes of wrestling’s past.

Let’s keep a “Live. Love. Superkick.” attitude and enjoy good wrestling of all kinds.

Note: this episode was recorded prior to the AEW Collision episode on December 9, 2023.

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