How Austerity Economics Kills Creativity and Stifles Social Change

What happens when the economic powers that be decide that there can be no more investment in new ideas, no more bones to throw at marginalized people, and that we all have to make money as quickly as possible? Can increased interest rates and tighter monetary conditions create changes in culture and behavior? If you have been feeling like the world has been getting more “boring” in terms of culture and hope for new social movements and social change, and less innovative and consumer-friendly on the business side, this may be why. I explore more in this episode, discussing a variety of examples in politics, movements, and popular culture, not to criticize or blame the individuals or organizations themselves, but to explore the pervasive, systemic influences of capitalism in preventing progress in favor of wealth accumulation.

Recession Vibes: Predicting the Pop Culture Trends That An Economic Downturn Could Bring:

The book I mentioned on gendered narratives around recessions, but had not read yet: Gendering the Recession: Media and Culture in an Age of Austerity

My article in Pro Wrestling Musings:

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