Build Back Better and The Great Disconnect in Politics


In this episode, I discuss the failure of Build Back Better, the disconnect between Democrats and average voters, and how a more courageous progressive approach rather than being caught up in what voters can perceive as technicalities can help Democrats at the polls in 2022.

Key points:

– Politicians should show what they can do when they are in office. “Show them your finishing move,” even if you fail at it.

– Voters elect politicians to see a change in their lives and those of others.

– The public really doesn’t understand the technicalities of how things are done, and nowadays I believe they don’t care as much about how much technical mastery politicians have, even though it is imperative that you have the political know-how.

– Progressive policies are very popular with voters, but sometimes there is a disconnect between packages and individual policies.

– Show a strong effort and get results for the people in order to maintain power. Even if the proposed policy never goes into effect, if citizens see that the politician is fighting for them in a strong way that they like, it will bring them to the polls.


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FTFP 5 – Work Stress Tolerance, Endurance Training, and Vyvanse

I cover:

Is Vyvanse giving me a speech impediment?

Trying to get help with mental endurance

Physical endurance and mental endurance

Work stress tolerance

Therapists don’t do deliberate plans

Forced back to work by a very expensive built-in oven and microwave combination?

CM Punk’s principle for healing

Fitness progress

Going to the gym in a KN95 mask during COVID or staying home and maintaining

Running out of time to build muscle before needing to shred for summer

Me doing a fitness photo shoot?!?

I mention the podcast Tiny Leaps, Big Changes, one of the few personal development podcasts I listen to, and the recent episode on systemic issues and self-help. It’s a must-listen:

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Never Underestimate A Slow-Burn Storyline for Social Change, Anxious Millennial Cowboy Lessons


This very late episode covers NEW AEW World Champion Adam “Hangman” Page, slow-burn storylines of the sports type, and the political and social change slow-burn storyline of the Great Resignation and Anti-Work. I discuss the foibles of the “general strike” attempts in October and political leaders looking for a big event where everything changes perfectly rather than letting people gain confidence and power through a slow-burn storyline towards collective goals. The changes in the workforce through gradual empowerment are building and showing something very significant already, so let’s let them work and support each other in making individually fulfilling changes while helping others. I also cover the possibilities of higher paid city-dwelling workers moving due to remote work and saving money during the pandemic, seeking a simpler life, with a shameless plug for my real estate services. I am a licensed Realtor in California and can refer to agents nationwide, sometimes even internationally, if you want to make a change in where you live, whether you are buying, selling, or renting.

My contact information for real estate help: 657-206-0736,, CA DRE# 02101592

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The Anxious Millennial Cowboy and New Champion: A collection of my analyses on Adam Page

Insidious ideologies have long spread through American life starting with disillusioned young men, but the positive masculinity of athlete-activists like the AEW World Champion and self-proclaimed “Anxious Millennial Cowboy” Adam “Hangman” Page holds the key to change that by inspiring inclusive attitudes, activism, strength, and personal change.

My most comprehensive review of Adam Page and his social impact is my article entitled:

Can A Millennial Cowboy Wrestler’s Ways Help Save Our Social and Political Discourse?

Why Adam Page’s Cowboy S*** Is A Draw For Millennials (for Pro Wrestling Musings)


Redefining the Activist and Cowboy, Adam Page Style


A Summary of why Adam Page is the People’s Champion

Reaction to his win