FTFP 5 – Work Stress Tolerance, Endurance Training, and Vyvanse

I cover:

Is Vyvanse giving me a speech impediment?

Trying to get help with mental endurance

Physical endurance and mental endurance

Work stress tolerance

Therapists don’t do deliberate plans

Forced back to work by a very expensive built-in oven and microwave combination?

CM Punk’s principle for healing

Fitness progress

Going to the gym in a KN95 mask during COVID or staying home and maintaining

Running out of time to build muscle before needing to shred for summer

Me doing a fitness photo shoot?!?

I mention the podcast Tiny Leaps, Big Changes, one of the few personal development podcasts I listen to, and the recent episode on systemic issues and self-help. It’s a must-listen: https://open.spotify.com/episode/3i0dEgnOcIDTsMmTgMzK0C?si=BcGPeBl7RE6BSAShyzsXkg

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