Build Back Better and The Great Disconnect in Politics


In this episode, I discuss the failure of Build Back Better, the disconnect between Democrats and average voters, and how a more courageous progressive approach rather than being caught up in what voters can perceive as technicalities can help Democrats at the polls in 2022.

Key points:

– Politicians should show what they can do when they are in office. “Show them your finishing move,” even if you fail at it.

– Voters elect politicians to see a change in their lives and those of others.

– The public really doesn’t understand the technicalities of how things are done, and nowadays I believe they don’t care as much about how much technical mastery politicians have, even though it is imperative that you have the political know-how.

– Progressive policies are very popular with voters, but sometimes there is a disconnect between packages and individual policies.

– Show a strong effort and get results for the people in order to maintain power. Even if the proposed policy never goes into effect, if citizens see that the politician is fighting for them in a strong way that they like, it will bring them to the polls.


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