FTFP 3 – Noticing Incremental Progress and Planning For The Next Obstacle

This is a messy, unplanned Fixing the Fixerpunk episode:

– Update on the pro surfer job
– Figuring out the stuff that distracts me
– Minor fitness progress and my new metric “How close am I to looking like Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks?”
– Incremental progress overall and finding those times when I can make a big change
– TIkTok progress
– Extreme Independence as the Core Philosophy of Punk
– Not Forcing Conformity in Activism
– Rob Dyrdek Hypnosis Tapes and Accountability
– Promoting the Fixerpunk approach and future of this show: adding a call-in show, radio, and/or TV.
– Clearly communicating my story and making a true promo. New episode focusing on this soon.

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Eviction Moratorium, Senior Living Evictions Continuing, and Worker Shortages


This is more of a current events episode covering the soon to end eviction moratoriums, problems with eviction processes, how to restructure the process of eviction to be more sane, disparate impacts of court processes like virtual hearings on the elderly and disabled, the need for more public and cooperatively owned housing, the myth of the “worker shortage,” and the ways upper middle class people misunderstand the welfare system.

Disclaimer: The host does not provide legal or professional advice of any sort via this show. Please consult an appropriately qualified independent professional before deciding on any course of action.

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