FTFP 3 – Noticing Incremental Progress and Planning For The Next Obstacle

This is a messy, unplanned Fixing the Fixerpunk episode:

– Update on the pro surfer job
– Figuring out the stuff that distracts me
– Minor fitness progress and my new metric “How close am I to looking like Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks?”
– Incremental progress overall and finding those times when I can make a big change
– TIkTok progress
– Extreme Independence as the Core Philosophy of Punk
– Not Forcing Conformity in Activism
– Rob Dyrdek Hypnosis Tapes and Accountability
– Promoting the Fixerpunk approach and future of this show: adding a call-in show, radio, and/or TV.
– Clearly communicating my story and making a true promo. New episode focusing on this soon.

Twitter: @GreysonNation
TikTok and Instagram: @Fixerpunk


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