Relatability, Culture, and Professionalism in Progressive Organizing

Gaining political power can be expensive, and can every once in a while get a little weird, because the work covers diverse disciplines, but it is certainly rewarding.

In this episode, I cover:
– The importance of creating cultural narratives, even in unexpected places, to help counter extremist and intolerant ideologies.
– An example of alt-right rhetoric infiltrating the self-help and fitness space
– How to (and how not to) scale a movement when money is involved
– Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation’s recent negative press
– Transparency in political organization finances
– What you have to do when soliciting donations
– Luxury is a necessity sometimes in building political power
– Selling abstract goals to donors and the difference between creating political influence and direct assistance
– The success of the Amazon Union and its lessons
– Relatability versus professionalism in political and activism communications
– Not being bound to notions of how people “should” communicate but adapting to the constituency
– Cultural competence rather than cookie-cutter “politician aesthetics”

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