FTFP 7 – Spending on Self-Care and Mental Health, Fun as a Motivator

I cover a variety of topics on this Fixing The Fixerpunk installment:

– Prioritizing both self-care and fun

– Acknowledging and celebrating your existing success

– Costs of Autism and ADHD therapy versus ADHD coaching

– Talking about money with your parents when you are an adult living at home

– Intro to building your “personal kayfabe” – becoming the champion of your own wrestling storyline

– My trip to AEW Dynamite in Los Angeles, meeting Darby Allin!

– Shout out to Luke Has A Podcast with Luke Schoepf: https://open.spotify.com/show/1eUx3ObFegZfwnhXdUiehw?si=ruheEJPgR4CeRGIz0TStrA

– Fitness update

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