FTFP 4 – Behind In Life at Age 25 and Analyzing Obstacles to Independence

This Fixing The Fixerpunk episode is posted kind of late. This is the show where I cover my personal efforts to take my own advice and fix my own problems to perhaps suck just a little less every day.

I cover:
– Turning 25 and feeling behind in life
– Establishing a sense of urgency. Why does everything take so long in my life?
– Fitness progress while using the hotel gym
– Making Resolutions for your Birthday (instead of New Year’s)
– Going through a framework of setting a big picture goal, looking at the next obstacles in the future, and the things I think I should do, then aligning the tasks and ideas to either achieving the goal or dealing with the obstacle
– When it may be a good idea to just use confidence to ignore a perceived obstacle that may not be so bad
– Gaining friends that are more like the “Dark Order” in pro wrestling that will support my goals
– My approach to politics that focuses on solving people’s problems and why that’s important to me as a goal
– Expanding the show to live call-in problem solving and TV/video streaming content

Goals within the next year:

1. Enough income to be fully financially independent of mom
2. Widely distributed show (at least one station or 50k followers somewhere)
3. 15% body fat
4. 3 supporting people

The framework I used:

1. Write out a short narrative (1-3 sentences) of where you want to be in whatever areas are important to you.
2. Think about what it will take to get there step by step but briefly, save those details, but now focus on listing the main obstacles to getting where you want to go starting from the next step to take.
3. Write down everything you have on your mind or your to-do list related to your goals or obstacles.
4. Sort the to-do list into the obstacles or the goals and make new ones for each of these categories as needed.
5. Turn the next steps into a measurable goal.


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