The Boss Who Requires Workers To Have Six Pack Abs and The Kayfabe of “Success Bros”

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Car sales training company boss Andy Elliott says he will fire anyone without a six pack, as reported by the New York Post, and he was rightfully called out for his ridiculous standard. But this shows a larger trend of a specific type of very lean physique, being associated with wealth and success, especially among men, and is a part of a larger trend that seeks to blame individuals for their lack of economic success. We have seen this dynamic before: with villains in professional wrestling, and specifically those who I have previously termed Heel Populists. My Heel Populism article about MJF:

These strong men with superior-looking physiques blame and shame those on the bottom who don’t look like them as being undisciplined or morally defective, with their overweight or subpar physique being evidence of the lack of discipline that they posit has caused their woes. This to deflect from the true causes of their marks’ distress, the very system of economic oppression the villain represents. Fitness can be a powerful tool to build confidence and help you become who you are supposed to be, but do not let a narrow idea of fitness and an air of superiority get in the way of solidarity and solutions. 

RIP Terry Funk and Windham Rotunda aka Bray Wyatt. “And in a world surrounded in hate, greed and violence, a world where closure may never come. We all know a place that has hot and cold hope on tap. For better or for worse.” – Windham Rotunda aka Bray Wyatt – Source:

(Sorry if my voice cracked a bit while reading the quote. I got a bit emotional.)  

Episode Notes:

(Always rough, may contain errors.)

New York Post article “I’m a boss who fires anyone without six-pack abs — I have high standards”

A specific type of very lean physique (specifically in men) is being tied to success and personal discipline 

Getting a six pack isn’t an necessarily the best indicator of athleticism

MMA fighters, other athletes without six packs

But the enormous sacrifice that is often needed to get very lean perhaps shows a “blind obedience” to this leader

Elliott’s team has a unified look that looks like a wrestling faction

People who are willing to do anything to work for this guy who will fulfill their dreams

Getting really lean can cause a lot of stress, and physical and mental health impacts

Cannot reasonably stay that lean year round

Certain very lean bodies have become a sort of standard of wealth and success, not necessarily the big bodybuilder look. This type of physique is generally achieved by more complex and expensive methods and is promoted in ads for high-end fitness services. 

Kayfabe of strong men who look a certain way and act a certain way, and spaces of economic opportunity are only for them

Social determinants of physique – it’s just another form of gatekeeping

Fitness/lean physique and financial success is correlation not causation, confounding variables

Expensive fitness programs founded by finance people sold to “busy professionals” rather than fitness experts

You can influence fitness quite a bit on effort rather than based on money, but this specific look tends to be harder to get without specialized help

Aggressive gatekeeping – application only, expensive programs

Some of these ideas around fitness are somewhat getting out of the IIFYM paradigm, which is more inclusive and flexible, and pushing clean eating order to be more judgmental to those who don’t totally deprive themselves 

I do really like the idea of using fitness as a tool to improve your overall level of success and confidence.

The need to be very lean is not totally true in wrestling, nor in real life

I love warrior stuff, creating your own training arc, making yourself a champion in your own kayfabe

But you can train for a very long time, do amazing work with your workouts and nutrition, and not get to that specific model-type look. They want to make you feel like you’re not good enough.

The Heel Populist wants you to believe that conforming to what they want is the only way to win

Having a lean core actually is pretty awesome though

I believe in using kayfabe and a storyline of strength with fitness to improve your confidence, performance, and your life overall, but I also believe that should be up to you to choose who you become

Finance bro fitness expert veers into politics on his Instagram, but states it is sarcasm:

Fat shaming in Rich Men North of Richmond song. The constant attempts to tie “lack of discipline” and other personal factors to economic hardships rather than systemic inequality. 

Rich Men North of Richmond article:

Adam Page sets a great example for progressives (and is a far superior cowboy). 

More on his Progressive Cowboy Stuff here:

Anxious Millennial Cowboy playlist:

Progressives should not discourage the achievement of elite levels of fitness

Pursue an excellent physique at the top of your potential, whatever that looks like for you

Have a great AEW All In weekend! 

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