Demystifying The Ideologies of Rich Men North of Richmond: A Former Conservative’s Perspective

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I wanted to very briefly share my unique perspective on the controversy around Oliver Anthony and Rich Men North of Richmond, a country song that has gained much popularity among conservatives and was referenced during the GOP presidential debate. Many seem baffled by Anthony’s attempts to distance himself from Republican politicians and the seemingly contradictory blend of working class pro-labor sentiments and conservative welfare-shaming (I cover the fat-shaming aspects more at the end of the last episode) in the song. But based on my experience in conservative movements, his reflect a long-standing subset of right-libertarian ideology that has always operated in a populistic, anti-political manner, seemingly calling out the injustices caused by late stage capitalism, but pointing the blame at vaguely defined enemies, while ultimately serving conservative policy objectives. This is largely the result of the proliferation of conservative media, and hence political confusion amongst rural Americans. I believe that further left ideas that are not in the mainstream of the Democratic Party may likewise be able to engage this population who are facing issues progressive policies can solve but are unlikely to identify with either political party, yet are still largely influenced by conservative ideas. 

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