Redefining The Cowboy and Activist, Adam Page Style

The second part of my Learning from an Anxious Millennial Cowboy episode about Adam “Hangman” Page of All Elite Wrestling (AEW), and how I have found him to be a highly relatable inspiration for my own life and an example for the new frontiers of activism. He is a very strong yet emotionally vulnerable and relatable individual whose story shows how to claim one’s potential. His intelligence is paired with an uncanny ability to have fun conversations around serious political issues, a skill every activist can learn from. He redefines what a cowboy is from just overt strength and an aesthetic to “leaving your frontier better than you found it.” He shows how success and cowboy strength along with self-development doesn’t have to lead to being separated from the realities of society and working to change them. He even masters the art of discussing unions with your co-workers.

I also get into his funny and inspiring “Full Gear” fitness challenge and how Page sums up my problems in this area just too well.


“Monologue” – Being the Elite

“Lawn Mower” – Being The Elite

What I call the best 2-minute tutorial on having discussions on unionizing with coworkers (and frankly other forms of activism) starts at 16:47 in this video.

Adam Page’s Instagram:

His Cowboy Quote that I believe Redefines The Cowboy:

”cowboy shit ain’t about boots and buckles, guns and spurs. it’s about leaving your own frontier better than you found it.”

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