Prioritization in Advocacy & Legislator Constituent Assistance: Be A Pitcher, Not A Thrower

This was supposed to be a Fixing the Fixerpunk episode, but it’s pretty heavy on practical lessons.
Topics covered:

– Soundproofing for the podcast recording
– Prioritizing Your Life and Activities when advocating for yourself
– A Key Fixerpunk Principle: Be A Pitcher, Not A Thrower as applied to personal advocacy
– Prioritizing Deadlines and Statute of Limitations
– Appropriate length of letters and communications with legislators
– Constituent Assistance with Congress, Senate, and State Assembly
– Dealing with people who minimize your problems, blow you off, etc.
– How to know what’s most important for you: Prioritize things that are needed for your immediate and short-term survival and security, look on your path right in front of you, and see what is getting in the way of taking your next step. See if what you are doing fixes that next step the best way, and go out further to see your total trajectory. Always prioritize and make very thoughtful decisions, not accidental ones, as it relates to deadlines.
– Ignoring systems that put you in fear and stop you from solving problems.

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