Why Do People Oppose Policies That Benefit Their Class Interests?

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This episode was inspired by a video on my TikTok about the Biden student loan forgiveness plan and the many comments therefrom, where ordinary people (I presume) fought so hard against the idea of a policy that helps others like them: https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRW28eAb/


  • Student loan debt forgiveness
  • Supreme Court saying “it’s not fair” and has to be done by Congress
  • Government effectively forgives hundreds of billions in taxes owed by the wealthy every single year: https://home.treasury.gov/news/featured-stories/the-case-for-a-robust-attack-on-the-tax-gap
  • Why working-class people go against their own interests:
  • People decide against their best interests based on a false sense of morality and desiring superiority in any way possible
  • Concepts like “responsibility and character”
  • People want to say “I Am Better Than You” and “you can’t take this from me!”
  • Conservative commentators use this contrived sense of morality to talk you out of doing what you know is right
  • The conservatives pitching these ideas know they have gotten assistance, PPP loans, filed bankruptcy, etc.
  • The wealthy are working you into believing that you are better than other people and are a temporarily embarrassed millionaire
  • Dave Ramsey is a top perpetrator of these oppressive ideas
  • The morality of conservative rhetoric seeks to subvert what you know is right
  • Would you tell a family member who filed for bankruptcy these things? Would you hate on them or would you want them to get the help they need?
  • Everyone is flawed, there is no perfection on this side of heaven
  • The words “I Earned It” are a double-edged sword
  • People think that assistance is coming from earnings/taxes
  • The “home budget analogy” theory of political economy is wrong – learn modern monetary theory
  • Student loan debt forgiveness does not mean increased taxes!
  • People thinking “I’ve got mine, nobody can take it from me.”
  • Not wanting to help others or make the system fair just because you had to go through tribulations to gain what everyone deserves to have is a sign of a fragile ego
  • Fixing the system doesn’t negate your accomplishments
  • Why working-class people oppose minimum wage increases  – they think they may be a business owner at some point
  • Minimum wage increases statistically don’t hurt small business owners
  • It’s hard to accept that “I have a job, I have a boss, and that boss is against me”
  • Employers collude to keep wages down
  • Class consciousness hurts, but you can fight back against what is hurting you
  • Take the pressure off yourself!
  • The value to society of professionals and even “worthless” degrees
  • The next great scientist or artist is performing below their peak because of the weight of student loan debt
  • We are not taking anything from you. We are proud of your accomplishments.
  • Make sure the ladder is wide enough so others can come up – Rick Smith
  • Fear instilled by the upper class that anything we do to help others can hurt you
  • Automatic response driven by the rhetoric you have heard your whole life
  • The power of conservative talk radio causing citizens to be repeatedly exposed to these ideas
  • Abstraction – it’s a big number, a specific program, I will never need this
  • Always make your arguments personal, bring it to the individual or family level
  • Lots of possibilities open up when we help others to reach their full potential
  • Fear vs turning it into creative flow and abundance toward others
  • People who want to stay on top are putting that fear in you
  • Turn that fear and feeling weird about changes in how things are done into thinking about the possibilities for a better world


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