Remote Work and How Workplace Democracy Can Make Businesses More Successful

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  • Older and disabled people need remote work and can contribute well to society with remote, but young people also highly value remote work


  • 2 in 5 Americans would rather die young than live in poverty


  • The notion that “If you cannot sit at a desk from 9-5 or beyond every day without variation, you are not of value” is a matter of control, not performance




  • ADP report: 60% of job seekers hope to find remote jobs


  • In December 2022, Linkedln found that 14% of openings were remote versus 20% last Spring


  • A study by ZipRecruiter found that 18-34 year-olds would accept a pay cut between 16-18% to be able to work remotely. This makes companies more profitable!



  • Work from home succeeding but being eviscerated by management is one example why workplace democracy, co-determination, and even unions can make a business more financially successful. Better, happier staff and for less money.


  • Blaming employees for everything instead of fixing problems


  • Constantly ignoring front-line complaints


  • The kinds of risks and investments management take are modulated by worker control


  • Regulatory violations may get fixed sooner under workplace democracy or employee ownership. Key example: East Palestine train derailment and unions asking for safety improvements.


  • Settling for hybrid


  • Desperate for flexible work, people turn to scams like MLMs and extremely low-paying jobs like Mechanical Turk


  • Stay-at-home moms trying to get work get scammed by MLMs often


  • Tons of YouTube ads for making money online fake guru scams


  • If only retail/fast food jobs were better, people would take them for temporary/side money.


  • Uber/DoorDash etc. way more popular than fast food restaurant shifts – it’s because of the way they treat people


  • I get people in nice cars picking me up for Uber


  • Advocacy for workers’ rights and improved pay and conditions continues despite the clamoring for a recession


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