FTFP 13 – Don’t Let Late Stage Capitalism Gaslight You About Failure, Finance, or Fitness

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Fixing The Fixerpunk episodes cover ideas about changing yourself and society from my own self-development process.

  • Life and health issues get in the way of everything
  • The best plan can still fail if things happen, and they do

3 assumptions of all kinds of personal improvement programs. Know these and you won’t gaslight yourself as much:

  • 1 – Committed to that plan for that goal (not multiple competing interests at the same time)
  • 2 – Full compliance
  • 3 – Material circumstances and conditions are and remain conducive
  • Nothing changes you like material circumstances do.
  • Expensive fitness programs and gimmicks
  • Physique program from Ultimate Performance that reportedly costs 5,400 Euros in the UK but is also available in the US: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-6354871/amp/Would-pay-5-400-six-pack.html
  • Financial success stories can be fake
  • Miraculous, rapid success stories tend to be based on these assumptions being at an ideal level. They are based on people who are in the perfect condition to succeed.
  • In my opinion, it’s not always bad if you cannot meet these, most people can’t! You can still achieve a lot!
  • You just have to change things strategically
  • It requires more expertise to handle complex situations but most experts can’t seem to do this
  • You can achieve and can improve from a bad situation, but it will look different than someone starting from a better point
  • Am I fighting hard enough for my goals? It’s hard to know with comparisons that are created by inequality
  • There is no such thing as total meritocracy in achieving goals
  • The hope you have for your goal affects your adherence. If it’s not hopeful, you are unlikely to prevail.
  • We need to create a society with material conditions that create hope for people
  • Create a clear vision, but circumstances can cloud that up.
  • People will ask “why try?” when outcomes seem bleak because of conditions in the economy and society
  • Creating economic hopelessness disincentivizes performance and discipline
  • Right now, our system is designed to take your hopes and dreams from you, and the only way to change that is to change material conditions collectively
  • Not an excuse to not be disciplined
  • We have to create the environment where people have something to hope for, not where the likely outcome is terrible
  • Coaching for personal change is way too focused only on the individual and not acknowledging the collective and the assumptions behind the advice
  • Coaches tend to see things through the lens of someone who is in perfect material conditions
  • The cost of programs and treatments can create a skewed sample and hence skewed success rates
  • There are alternative ways to achieve goals outside of what a typical program
  • An example from my fitness approach: Why I track my workouts on a weekly basis instead of per day/workout
  • Aim for 10-15 sets per week, 8 reps per set near failure
  • Taking a “harm reduction approach” to diet: I am obsessed with Fiber One 70 calorie brownies, Quest protein cookies, and Skinny Pop popcorn
  • How Dave Ramsey is killing your gains!
  • Continuing to go for your dreams under less than ideal economic circumstances
  • Good to find exemplars who overcame similar economic circumstances, however these are exceptional people and every person is different, so still don’t gaslight yourself
  • Street Fight Radio has been a big example for me
  • The collapse of media outlets
  • The initial vision of The Fixerpunk Podcast to help those who are in less than ideal circumstances perform at their best, solve everyday life issues, and create a more socially conscious vision for personal development
  • Hoping I can make these episodes shorter…or not. If you like it, hate it, whatever, let me know by calling 844-477-7865 or on social media.


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