FTFP 14 – Standing Tall and Not Backing Down Amidst Manufactured Crisis

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Fixing The Fixerpunk episodes cover ideas about changing yourself and society from my own self-development process. These are generally far more unstructured episodes.


The inspiration for the title of today’s episode comes from Brandon Cutler’s quote from his match against Jon Moxley and Claudio Castagnoli of the Blackpool Combat Club: “What do you do when the people that stand up to bullies aren’t here anymore? You Stand Tall, You Don’t Back Down, and You Be Elite!” I feel these words are very instructive amidst the manufactured debt ceiling crisis, created by Congressional Republican bullies (whom I will term the Black Pill Combat Club, get it?) who are holding the world economy hostage. I likewise feel they are applicable as pressures from the economic situation and a variety of manufactured crises are being applied to distract and intimidate workers seeking better conditions and a more equitable economy, and to those advocating for changes to create a better society through public investments in our social safety net, clean energy, and other programs that are being put on the chopping block.


  • TikTok Live coming soon? http://TikTok.com/@fixerpunk
  • The goal of the livestream is to help others through their journeys
  • Key principle: Everything takes longer than it should
  • Our idea of self improvement is based on that people know instinctively what they should do, and it’s the lack of resources more often that stops them from doing it, judgment and authoritarian ideas don’t help
  • One important “rule”: As soon as you see something go wrong, do not let it linger without taking care of it
  • Why this podcast has gotten deeper into politics
  • We need to address the systemic issues and crises that prevent people from reaching their potential
  • People are struggling out there, but we have to take time away to deal with contrived problems made up by people who want to oppress other people
  • We get distracted by random crises, pathological or not, in our lives too
  • A lot of today’s politics, especially with the GOP controlling the narrative, is fake issues designed to distract and take back progress
  • COVID pandemic created astonishing progress around actually helping people economically
  • Lots of people’s economic situations improved due to relief programs
  • Even low-wage jobs started treating people better
  • From this foundation, maybe now we have a chance to start building a better world.
  • This debt ceiling situation is designed to get you to believe that our chance to create a more economically just world with less inequality is no longer possible and that your leverage against oppressive bosses is gone.
  • Remember what your purpose and intention really is before you sell yourself short
  • Very carefully define what an “opportunity” is to you so you don’t define the scraps they give you in a crisis as your purpose and goal
  • My purpose is to advocate for others and find solutions to our economic and political state for those who have been oppressed can reach their full potential
  • The false “wisdom” around economic talks
  • What Darby Allin and Sammy Guevara can teach us about purpose, bad advice about “playing it safe,” and not selling out when given false “opportunity”
  • Sammy Guevara retweeted me!
  • Going beyond what others expect of you,
  • listening to others can keep you stuck and not achieving your dreams
  • There is practicality, reality, and time that need to be considered
  • Having some fun before it all crumbles down
  • Getting preoccupied with your worries when you are supposed to be having fun
  • The Superkick Party Ahead of the Apocalypse
  • Have fun responsibly and it can give you hope, it will help you know why you are doing all that hard work
  • You have to know why you are putting yourself through the suffering and pain of whatever effort you are putting in
  • If you lose sight of what will make you feel good, you won’t want to do the hard work
  • Stagnated in the area of fitness, not feeling as motivated about summer as I expected
  • Enrolled in a fitness challenge, still not motivated around diet and dropping fat
  • Being consistent in the gym, getting stronger though
  • Building a tolerance to dopamine
  • My key nutrition strategy has been substituting unhealthy foods for healthier, similar ones with protein and fiber
  • Have a ton of healthier snacks and junk food substitutes like Skinny Pop popcorn, Fiber One 70 calorie brownies, Quest frosted cookies, Chobani zero sugar yogurt, etc.
  • You have to understand where your body has a limit and isn’t in tune with your goals. No matter what motivation you have, it might just not go.
  • Have I weakened myself inadvertently? Hard to tell when you can push yourself more
  • Hard to get experts in coaching for achievement and goals with neurodivergence
  • Many are not economically able or socially discouraged to seek expert help
  • Detecting scams and frauds. Maybe a new topic for the show?
  • Your personal life and household tasks can be a bit too inefficient
  • Find solutions that work for you
  • Am I using too many of my resources on things that don’t matter?
  • It’s okay to do things that you like even if others don’t get it
  • When you are not able to be yourself, you won’t perform well
  • Employers try to motivate with shock, anger, threats, and micromanagement, but that doesn’t work, especially long-term
  • Employers’ motivational tactics won’t work if you are economically deprived and not being compensated well.
  • “Shut up and go back to work” people don’t realize that this shame and force doesn’t create productivity or performance.
  • Compensation, respect, and purpose create productivity
  • The world’s leading high performance experts have moved to a 4 day work week, because they know it improves performance
  • Standing up politically helps us to be better as we help others

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