FTFP 9 – Everyday Life with Autism is a Full Time Job

Welcome to anyone coming from Street Fight Radio! Fixing The Fixerpunk covers ideas about changing yourself and society from my own self-development process.

– Brief election update
– Autistic Burnout
– DIY Ethos
– The recession and spending on personal development and mental health
– Wasting a lot of time, but not knowing on what
– Personal tasks wind up feeling like a full time job
– Therapist bios are way too ambiguous, don’t tell you their full background
– Considering grad school
– Bad public transit and overspending on Uber
– Therapists are underpaid
– The economy is going to suck soon, so let’s just party!
– Inflation and the coming attack on workers
– Recession discussion and financial advice doesn’t care about marginalized people
– Knowing about budgeting, but cannot execute
– Fitness update
– Cognitive load of weightlifting and effects of autism on training
– Bulking season

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