Liver King and Why Fitness Communities Matter for Inclusion and Progressive Organizing


Ripped from the headlines (no pun intended).

– Liver King was found out to be using performance enhancing drugs while claiming not to use them and his results being from his diet of raw organ meat

– Naturalistic bias

– Far-right activists claiming “modernity,” including social inclusion and progressive political ideals, are the enemy
– Men feel like they have to become weak or emasculated to be part of the left
– Struggles of young men and how progressive ideas can actually help
– Liver King wasn’t explicitly political, but his ideas lead people to insular political ideas opposing inclusion
– Totalizing conservative institutions
– His 9 Ancestral Tenets and why there is some truth in bad ideas
– Self-help and fitness leads people to the right because some of their approaches work a little bit
– Pseudo-science and food poisoning
– The “secret science” and “alternative facts” strategy extremist leaders use to keep people hooked
– Right-wing business ecosystems
– Too Broke To Be Ripped
– How economic justice can improve fitness outcomes
– Creating strong, progressive men’s fitness exemplars
– Progressives can win the fitness wars
– Leftism is about allowing people to reach their full potential
– Focusing too much on privilege can hurt progressive causes
– The right way to approach Fatphobia and eating disorders
– Don’t denounce efforts to transform one’s physique
– Help young men feel strong and empowered, not like they’re being made to be the enemy
– Evidence-based fitness + communities of solidarity and action = success for progressives and leftists in the fitness space
– Offer better solutions that work on an individual level and they will trust you
– We can help more people reach their goals

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