Toward An Inclusive, Progressive Approach to Bodybuilding, Physique, and Strength Sports

Notes from this episode:

– Influencers like Liver King, the Raw Egg Nationalist, and others have an approach allegedly based on “ancestral” ideas and returning masculinity to where it was centuries or decades ago. These ideas can lead to hateful ideologies and reversing achievements in civil rights in order to return to the ways of that earlier time that were more “masculine,” but also promote misinformation on fitness and often poorer results than expected.

– The fact that some, emphasis on some, of what these influencers say works leads people to trust them and hence trust their ideas on other issues, such as political and social issues, especially for those who are vulnerable due to hardship in their lives

– Progressives can gain a foothold in the fitness narrative by showing the truth and empowering young men to solve the true systemic origins of their challenges

– We can be vocal on the gaps in mental health, fitness, and physical health and how they work together

– Conservatives have very strong business and media ecosystems and their engagement in fitness is no exception

– Avoid fit-shaming: Pathologizing physique athletes and body positivity alone (though it is important) aren’t the right way to engage

– These are athletes who want to practice their sport. Let them.

– Pushing bodybuilders and people who want to work on elite-level physique development to the margins only worsens radicalization.

– Lessons from skateboarding

– More than 1 in 3 high school students expressed interest in strength training as a sport option. – Aspen Institute Project Play report

– Progressives’ leadership in drug legalization can extend to harm reduction for PEDs

– The right is controlling fitness science even though most scientists are on the left

– There is a need for fitness experts who combine inclusion with good fitness science to help those who are left behind by overly simplistic or non-inclusive fitness “experts”

– 59% of Americans have a chronic illness and often primary doctors do not provide good diet and fitness advice

– Combining strong exemplars that culturally align with the target audience, vulnerability, and practical approaches is the way forward

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