FTFP 10 – Understand Systemic Factors to Finally Succeed with New Year’s Resolutions


Fixing The Fixerpunk covers ideas about changing yourself and society from my own self-development process.

– What to do when none of the “evidence-based” models for achieving your health, fitness, other goals don’t work
– Find the solutions that work with your situation
– Be flexible to adapt models to serve your needs best
– When therapy/CBT does not work
– Your “excuses” could be key to finding a solution for your goals
– Dr. America Bracho TED Talk on Non-Compliant Patients and improving healthy eating and exercise in oppressed minority populations:
– People who are dealing with bad circumstances are as much of experts as scientific experts and those who have succeeded.
– Tracking metrics and having positive feedback/coaching to encourage you
– How I dropped 16 pounds while only tracking part of the time
– Flexible dieting and strength training for fat loss
– Don’t give up just because the normal approaches don’t work
– Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good
_ External feedback from family
– Economic justice, unions, and worker self-determination lead to more innovation
– Finding your own path in work and business
– Deviating from accepted norms shows intelligence and intellectual flexibility
– Employers treating workers badly hurts all of us
– My New Year’s Resolution is the Young Bucks’ motto: Killing The Business
– Getting rid of the old business models, social norms, and corporate micro-management oppression
– Diversity improves the quality of products and services, corporate rigidity and work rule rigidity screws all of us out of our full potential
– Biased medical and mental health research
– Preparing for the recession
– The system is designed to deprive the working class of its gains
– Why prepping your personal finances keeps you free and protects your power as a worker to challenge employers’ and the system’s oppression
– Shielding against impulsive spending
– When things no longer serve you
– Certificates of Deposit (CDs) – check bankrate.com
Also consider High Yield Savings Accounts!
– How interest rates affect the working class who save up money versus those with massive wealth
– Invest in self-improvement with the recession coming or not?

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