Creating Political Infrastructure and Processes for Progressive Victory in the New Year!

Political, Media, and Business Infrastructure that is robust, well-designed, and engages with the community is key for progressive victory.

– The key difference between the left and right from my experience as a Tea Party organization leader

– Will a local reporter know who to call for a progressive perspective on an issue?

– Will members of the community know where to go with an issue?

– Recessions are the Super Bowl of conservative organizing and when the working class starts to lose gains

– Just being active online and semi-anonymous isn’t a strategy

– Setting up proper legal documents and procedures

– What happens if something goes wrong with your main leader? You want to have a plan.

– The networks of innumerable conservative entrepreneurs across the country willing to throw money and expertise at their cause

– Organizations should be formed legally and have separate bank accounts once they bring in money

– The chaos that happens when key people leave a progressive organization

– The dangers of using Cash App, PayPal, and similar for philanthropic, social entrepreneurship, or organizing efforts.

– Conservatives being overrepresented at school board meetings

– On the ground: Does your group feel safe and a friendly place to be in?

– Media infrastructure

– Building a progressive Andrew Tate

– Embracing entrepreneurship and expertise

– Campaign and PAC bank accounts must be separate and you need legal counsel.

– Work with experts who get you – who care about your values, follow your culture, and will not overtake your agency

– Maintaining your grassroots, self-organizing structure

– The better you create your practices and infrastructure, the more freedom and success you will have

– Be ready to deal with professional stakeholders and to take in opportunities for funding as they come

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