Fighting Toxic Masculinity with Pro Wrestling + Adam Page for President?!?


The left has come up short in looking for answers to the likes of Andrew Tate, but pro wrestlers like Adam Page have found a way to empower young men and help them feel their strength and constructively use the warrior in them while advocating for a broad set of progressive policy ideas in a relatable way. Creating solidarity is possible and beneficial to society and to the young men that are being more harmed than helped by toxic masculinity influencers, and whose issues would be better helped by left-wing policies and workers’ rights.

More on Adam Page here:

– The Power of “I Earned It”
– Contrasting the conventional mental health narratives
– Incorrect interpretations of the left by young men
– A candidate you can have a beer with
– Blending traditionalist aesthetics with progressive ideas
– Imperfection and vulnerability
– Taking a strong but grounded, moral, and ethical approach
– Lots of great progressive examples in wrestling
– Better storytelling
– Not repressing masculine desires
– Anxious masculinity – read my article here:
– I highly recommend Adam Page’s book Adam and the Golden Horseshoe if you are dealing with not feeling good enough
– Who people like Andrew Tate target and how they do it
– Intersectionality and Incels work together?
– A society where you are able to fall and get back up again
– Finding your peace

Adam Page’s Inspiring Entrance with Dark Order:

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