FTFP 11 – The Right To Fail and Carry On


Fixing The Fixerpunk episodes cover ideas about changing yourself and society from my own self-development process.

In our life, we have a choice to Carry On, even as we are seen as Wayward Sons or Go To Sleep and tap out in the fight for our goals and the change we want to see in the world. I choose to Be Elite and Carry On. Hesitating in whatever you are doing can ruin both your experience and your success, but reluctance is often caused by relationships and material conditions of a punitive society without adequate social safety nets wherein minor failure results in catastrophic results one cannot recover from. We have a choice in how we structure systems, to allow failure and let people learn to fly or to force people to just give up and Go To Sleep. A progressive approach that includes systems that allow people to recover from failure enables greatness and maximizes the potential of individuals and the community as a whole. We must respect the Right To Fail.

In this episode:

– Attending AEW Dynamite in LA
– Get the best experience out of major events (like wrestling shows) by setting yourself up for a flow state.
– Lean into and use your anxiety to heighten excitement rather than pushing it down. Bonus tip: Choose the right music around the event to set the mood
– See also the Manufacturing Stoke episode: https://podcast.greysonpeltier.com/wp/2021/02/15/manufacturing-stoke-using-anxiety-and-negative-emotions-positively/
– Post-wrestling show motivation surge
– Social anxiety
– When your high-class parents disagree with your hobbies
– My family doesn’t want me around wrestling fans
– Getting on national TV for a brief moment, sort of
– My sign on Twitter: https://twitter.com/eliteanxious/status/1616639451039686657?s=21&t=aQ-waef71RDdPhXasNO3LQ
– Fighting for a better life versus tapping out to your circumstances
– Getting the best quality of life with health issues or disabilities
– Playing it too safe
– Hesitation explains my whole life. Mike Bennett’s blog on this topic: https://therealmikebennett.com/blog/f/dont-hesitate
– Learning to stop hesitating is key to recovering from and preventing relapses in major mental health issues
– The right to fall down and get back up again is fundamental and should be a leftist or socialist ideal
– Tony Hawk’s philosophy: You must learn to fail in order to learn to fly.
– Bad doctors and concussions
– Recovery practices are important for peak performance
– Your intention in all things matters
– Feeling like I am going to lose my fitness progress by taking some time off
– Woke does not have to equal weak
– Progressive ideas allow people to achieve success by making it possible to overcome failure
– Overly reactionary wokeness
– Giving people grace
– Why skateboarding culture is what brought me to the left
– Narrative therapy as a possible ideal therapy theory for those who like pro wrestling redemption storylines

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