Conservatives are subtly taking over broadcast TV. What can the left do?

I have noticed a troubling, growing trend of conservatives finding every way possible to take up space on broadcast television, just in the same way they have done with AM talk radio. This is partially being done with an interesting combination of Christian broadcasting and conservative political media, which opens up yet more avenues for funding right-wing media, while the left remains far behind.

– Discussion of left-wing media ecosystems and infrastructure versus the right
– How is the left really doing? Good on content, low on infrastructure
– Great examples in Means TV, Street Fight Radio, etc.

– Conservative talk radio’s prevalence
– Right-wing media taking over broadcast sub-channels
– Article on One America News Network entering over-the-air broadcast after being kicked off cable and satellite:
– How OAN and NewsMax are staying in business
– Large Christian broadcast ownership groups buying up stations, first radio, now TV
– How conservatives seem to be using church monies to prop up right-wing media
– Christian evangelism shows funded by 501c3’s on right-wing TV networks
– Dangers of relying on digital and social media only
– Some direct response TV advertisers will buy almost any network/station with a conventional broadcast signal somewhat indiscriminately
– FCC rules are way less strict than social media platforms
– A televangelist organization that is worth almost a billion dollars
– Political content and endorsements from 501c3 televangelists
– TV channel leasing
– One example in Los Angeles of a station leasing out to conservatives is KFLA-LD channel 8.
– TikTok is a growth channel for progressive causes
– Communicating with your base and keeping them entrenched 24/7/365
– Media spend by churches on conservative stations is actually counter-productive
– How to protect your advocacy organization from social media bans
– The importance of minority-owned media and LPFMs

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