CM Punk’s Heel Turn + Feud with Adam Page: Alternative Culture, Values, and Selling Out

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I explain how the CM Punk and Adam Page feud as well as Punk’s heel turn are driven by differences in ethical approaches as it comes to leadership as well as the lessons from this story for cultural and social movement leaders. Adam Page sticks by his values and the true culture of his movement, not by the culture of the good old boy’s club or how things have always been done, does what is right regardless of allegiances, and he is not afraid to call out people who have let “the world get into” them. CM Punk is a legacy leader who may have forgotten his punk values along the climb to success and may be letting the past get in the way of his ethical thinking. This may be as true in kayfabe as outside of it.

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FTFP 7 – Spending on Self-Care and Mental Health, Fun as a Motivator

I cover a variety of topics on this Fixing The Fixerpunk installment:

– Prioritizing both self-care and fun

– Acknowledging and celebrating your existing success

– Costs of Autism and ADHD therapy versus ADHD coaching

– Talking about money with your parents when you are an adult living at home

– Intro to building your “personal kayfabe” – becoming the champion of your own wrestling storyline

– My trip to AEW Dynamite in Los Angeles, meeting Darby Allin!

– Shout out to Luke Has A Podcast with Luke Schoepf:

– Fitness update

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Patient Advocacy Notes: Dental HMO Scams and How To Resolve Most Health Insurance Disputes

This brief episode can help if you want to know how to complain about your doctor, how to complain about your dentist, or how to dispute an overcharged medical or dental bill. Steps for most plans below.

Other notes from my experience: Avoid Dental HMOs. They lead to overcharging. Though lasers can sometimes help, dental laser scams are common and according to my insurance, the Current Dental Terminology by the American Dental Association says lasers are to be billed as part of the same service, not a separate line item on the bill.

1. For billing disputes: Compare your charges to the plan contract or rates. Ask customer service for the contracted rates. Also dispute anything you did not receive. Important: You can also file for quality of care issues (doctor/dentist/staff not treating you right).
2. Ask to file a written grievance. Check your member handbook or website for the specific terminology or an online form.
3. Detail all violations in writing. Reference any denial letter to bill. Note if your health issue is an emergency with proof of such (eg. Doctor’s note).
4. Mail or submit online and note the response timeframe set by law.
5. If your plan does not respond favorably or there is no grievance mechanism (PPOs and self funded plans may use different terms), consult your member handbook or plan website for correct complaint mechanisms, consult your state Department of Managed Care or Insurance, or call 211 and ask for a referral for assistance from your local Legal Aid Society.

This content is for entertainment and general informational purposes only. The listener should not rely solely upon such and consult a competent professional before deciding to follow any course of action.

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My Adam Page Story and The Danger of Cultural Co-Optation

Apologies for the bad audio quality.


Are you an Adam Page fan? Let’s talk. Email or use the form on (If you’re in Southern California, let’s meet!) Let’s be our own Dark Order and support each other through this difficult time after he lost the championship to CM Punk.

I touch upon how Adam Page changed my life and how finding him and AEW helped rescue me from a “punk skateboarder church” cult-like group affiliated with the Calvary Chapel system. I also discuss how Hangman’s statements before the CM Punk match reflect the insidious nature of co-opting of alternative cultures like punk rock and skateboarding being taken over by outside forces.

My pre-match TikTok analysis is instructive here:

My article written pre-match for Pro Wrestling Musings:

Relatability, Culture, and Professionalism in Progressive Organizing

Gaining political power can be expensive, and can every once in a while get a little weird, because the work covers diverse disciplines, but it is certainly rewarding.

In this episode, I cover:
– The importance of creating cultural narratives, even in unexpected places, to help counter extremist and intolerant ideologies.
– An example of alt-right rhetoric infiltrating the self-help and fitness space
– How to (and how not to) scale a movement when money is involved
– Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation’s recent negative press
– Transparency in political organization finances
– What you have to do when soliciting donations
– Luxury is a necessity sometimes in building political power
– Selling abstract goals to donors and the difference between creating political influence and direct assistance
– The success of the Amazon Union and its lessons
– Relatability versus professionalism in political and activism communications
– Not being bound to notions of how people “should” communicate but adapting to the constituency
– Cultural competence rather than cookie-cutter “politician aesthetics”

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Build Back Better and The Great Disconnect in Politics


In this episode, I discuss the failure of Build Back Better, the disconnect between Democrats and average voters, and how a more courageous progressive approach rather than being caught up in what voters can perceive as technicalities can help Democrats at the polls in 2022.

Key points:

– Politicians should show what they can do when they are in office. “Show them your finishing move,” even if you fail at it.

– Voters elect politicians to see a change in their lives and those of others.

– The public really doesn’t understand the technicalities of how things are done, and nowadays I believe they don’t care as much about how much technical mastery politicians have, even though it is imperative that you have the political know-how.

– Progressive policies are very popular with voters, but sometimes there is a disconnect between packages and individual policies.

– Show a strong effort and get results for the people in order to maintain power. Even if the proposed policy never goes into effect, if citizens see that the politician is fighting for them in a strong way that they like, it will bring them to the polls.


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FTFP 5 – Work Stress Tolerance, Endurance Training, and Vyvanse

I cover:

Is Vyvanse giving me a speech impediment?

Trying to get help with mental endurance

Physical endurance and mental endurance

Work stress tolerance

Therapists don’t do deliberate plans

Forced back to work by a very expensive built-in oven and microwave combination?

CM Punk’s principle for healing

Fitness progress

Going to the gym in a KN95 mask during COVID or staying home and maintaining

Running out of time to build muscle before needing to shred for summer

Me doing a fitness photo shoot?!?

I mention the podcast Tiny Leaps, Big Changes, one of the few personal development podcasts I listen to, and the recent episode on systemic issues and self-help. It’s a must-listen:

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Never Underestimate A Slow-Burn Storyline for Social Change, Anxious Millennial Cowboy Lessons


This very late episode covers NEW AEW World Champion Adam “Hangman” Page, slow-burn storylines of the sports type, and the political and social change slow-burn storyline of the Great Resignation and Anti-Work. I discuss the foibles of the “general strike” attempts in October and political leaders looking for a big event where everything changes perfectly rather than letting people gain confidence and power through a slow-burn storyline towards collective goals. The changes in the workforce through gradual empowerment are building and showing something very significant already, so let’s let them work and support each other in making individually fulfilling changes while helping others. I also cover the possibilities of higher paid city-dwelling workers moving due to remote work and saving money during the pandemic, seeking a simpler life, with a shameless plug for my real estate services. I am a licensed Realtor in California and can refer to agents nationwide, sometimes even internationally, if you want to make a change in where you live, whether you are buying, selling, or renting.

My contact information for real estate help: 657-206-0736,, CA DRE# 02101592

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FTFP 4 – Behind In Life at Age 25 and Analyzing Obstacles to Independence

This Fixing The Fixerpunk episode is posted kind of late. This is the show where I cover my personal efforts to take my own advice and fix my own problems to perhaps suck just a little less every day.

I cover:
– Turning 25 and feeling behind in life
– Establishing a sense of urgency. Why does everything take so long in my life?
– Fitness progress while using the hotel gym
– Making Resolutions for your Birthday (instead of New Year’s)
– Going through a framework of setting a big picture goal, looking at the next obstacles in the future, and the things I think I should do, then aligning the tasks and ideas to either achieving the goal or dealing with the obstacle
– When it may be a good idea to just use confidence to ignore a perceived obstacle that may not be so bad
– Gaining friends that are more like the “Dark Order” in pro wrestling that will support my goals
– My approach to politics that focuses on solving people’s problems and why that’s important to me as a goal
– Expanding the show to live call-in problem solving and TV/video streaming content

Goals within the next year:

1. Enough income to be fully financially independent of mom
2. Widely distributed show (at least one station or 50k followers somewhere)
3. 15% body fat
4. 3 supporting people

The framework I used:

1. Write out a short narrative (1-3 sentences) of where you want to be in whatever areas are important to you.
2. Think about what it will take to get there step by step but briefly, save those details, but now focus on listing the main obstacles to getting where you want to go starting from the next step to take.
3. Write down everything you have on your mind or your to-do list related to your goals or obstacles.
4. Sort the to-do list into the obstacles or the goals and make new ones for each of these categories as needed.
5. Turn the next steps into a measurable goal.


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